Administrative Support

Overall administrative support is provided by Elisabeth Fraser. She provides ‘on the ground’ assistance to those from out of town to help make the transition as seamless as possible. This includes helping with initial transportation to a general orientation to the area.

Elisabeth also helps visitors obtain temporary accommodation within walking distance of the Institute. Graduate students and faculty who leave town during the summer months for internships, research and vacations sometimes like to rent their houses and apartments. As a result, although it is not abundant, summer accommodation seems to be reasonably easy to find. The classifieds on the Princeton University web site have been most helpful in identifying these summer rentals.

For our international visitors, Elisabeth helps them obtain the appropriate visa. Anyone who is not a permanent resident of the US requires some form of visa if they wish to live and work in the US. For a new, full-time, employee, Elisabeth works closely with an immigration lawyer to obtain the necessary work visa. A summer intern from outside the US uses the J1 exchange visitor visa program. In this instance, Elisabeth works with an experienced sponsoring agency to obtain the requisite visa.

For more information about non-immigrant US visa options and requirements, please visit

US Department of State, Consular affairs

The US Embassy in London, visa services

The US Embassy in London - J1 visa